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I talked recently about the impact that Stacey Dooley’s documentary on fast fashion had on me and since then I’ve also watched The True Cost which was even more informative. Learning more about how clothes and other products are made is so important in helping us to make the best spending decisions. Personally, I want to spend my money on clothes that are made well and to last, made out of sustainable material and by companies that take their responsibilities to the environment, the manufacturing process and the people involved in it seriously.

It’s hard work finding companies that are ethical, environmentally friendly and producing sustainable fashion and then finding ones that also fit with your style and within your budget. It’s not because they’re not out there, they’re just buried further down in the search engines on the internet than the high street fashion brands. I’ve spent hours scouring the internet trying to find companies that have this approach to their business (or seem to based on what they disclose on their internet pages) whilst also producing clothes that fit my minimalist, classic style. I’ve had to accept that for now the air/shipping miles from importing clothes from outside of the UK and the pollution that causes can't always be avoided - I just haven’t managed to find enough brands within the UK to not look to Europe, the US and Canada.


I have managed to put together a list of brands that are going to be my new go to places for any additions to my capsule wardrobe and I thought I’d share them with you so that you don’t have to do the same hunt yourself!

  • Bibico - this company designs “beautiful easy-to-wear clothing made from quality natural and organic fabrics”. Their designs are made ethically by producers they know and trust.

  • Frank and Oak - Frank and Oak have a beautiful minimalist design style with classic pieces that I can see lasting years. It was founded in Montreal in 2012 with the goal of helping people dress better and affordably. They’re committed to reducing their carbon footprint, are introducing products made with recycled polyester and organic fibres and water-efficient denim and a portion of their sales are donated to human rights organisation Equitas.

  • Weekday - Weekday is great for colour, pattern and a casual look. They have an entire section of their website dedicated to sustainability and values. They believe that clothing can allow customers to express their personalities and care about the planet at the same time and say their objective is “that good working conditions and human rights should be respected”.

  • Babaa - this brand is all about the knitwear. All of their items are made in Spain and designed to last and they only use 100% natural material.

  • Olive - Olive is a British contemporary clothing brand that takes its responsibilities within the manufacturing chain seriously. They have a wide range of beautiful classic pieces that have a minimalist modern country/rustic look.

  • Poetry - Poetry states that its “designs are for the long term, perfect pieces that slot into your wardrobe to build outfits that will last for many seasons”. I especially love their linen nightwear pieces.

  • Linen fox - this brand has gorgeous relaxed linen items that just look so comfortable and cool for the summer months. They cut and sew all of their linen garments in Lithuania using only toxic free, Oeko certificated linen.

  • Beaton - this is another brand for relaxed linen basics that transcend the seasons.

  • Sea salt Cornwall - SeaSalt’s clothes are utilitarian and inspired by Cornwall where they’re based. They run the company so that it has a positive impact on the world around us and have a big section on their website setting out their responsibilities and policies to live up to those.

  • Bug Clothing - Bug clothing was founded in East London with the aim to create garments that reflect the idea that we should buy less and admire quality and consideration over quantity. They use deadstock from designer factory waste to make the clothes which means they aren’t contributing to the reproduction of new materials and are using up the excesses from other companies. The range of clothes are small but they’re all simple classics that transcend fashion trends.

  • Madewell - Madewell is more of a mainstream brand and has a wider collection than some of the other brands but they still seek to run their business with sensitivity to the planet. Their focus is on jeans and things that go with denim so it’s a relaxed easy style.

  • Everlane - Everlane are big on transparency, exceptional quality and ethical factories. They have such a classic, minimalist style and I’m super excited that they now ship to the UK.

  • We Norwegians - this brand produces beautiful wool products taking inspiration from contemporary ideas and Norwegians heritage. The wool is sourced from Italy and all of the manufacturing process takes place in the EU so suppliers are operating under EU laws and standards. The company is very transparent about their sourcing and manufacturing process on their website.

These two sites bring together a number of different brands:

I would love to hear your recommendations too so that we can grow this list for everyone to use.

This post is not sponsored by any of the brands listed. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.