Capsule wardrobe: November log

So this month I decided that I would keep a capsule wardrobe log. I was inspired by Lee Vosburgh who has done this quite a few times and written about it on her blog Style Bee. I was going to do the Autumn Capsule Wardrobe Challenge but life took over a bit and I just couldn’t find the motivation for it. I had wanted to do the challenge because I wanted to test my new capsule so I gave some thought to what I could do instead that would still be useful. I realised that seeing in detail how my new capsule was working for me across a whole month could be really good - the clothes seemed to be working but what would it look like if I had the actual statistics of what I was wearing?

“Statistics?” I hear you say, “on what you’re wearing?”. I know, part of me thought it would be boring and totally unnecessary too but I wanted to see if it would teach me anything. I kept it super simple just noting down in a notebook the first time I wore an item and then putting a tally next to it for each day it got worn through the month. Do you know what? I’m a bit hooked (ok I’m a list lover so it does satisfy that part of my brain too!)! I’ve learnt far more than I thought I would from it too.

This is what the results looked like:

November CW Log.png

I had two weeks off work this month so the results are slightly skewed in favour of my casual clothes. What really struck me though was how little I wore so many of the items - a lot of them only got one outing the entire month.

It’s reinforced my understanding that I am a complete jeans girl and if I can’t wear them then my next go to is leggings. These items really earn their place in my wardrobe!

In terms of tops I think I have too many! A lot of these I’ve collected over time but it’s meant that I’ve got more than I really need and they’re not getting a huge amount of wear. I also let myself wear my black stripe top for casual days as well as work days to see how that would work. I wore it a lot! So much so that I’ve decided to let it shift away from my work capsule into my casual capsule.

I don’t wear loungewear that often but when I do the couple of items that I have for it completely work for me. The two times I wanted to wear it this month I knew exactly what to put on and it felt perfect.

When I set out to make my capsule wardrobe I didn’t think I could be the type of person who would only own 32 items in total. Having looked at these statistics though I’m not so sure - I don’t really want more items if they’re only being worn once a month (special occasion clothes being the exception). It’s certainly something to think about as I move through the year.

I’ve really enjoyed keeping this log - so much so that I’ve decided I’m going to keep a Winter one for December through to February and see how that pans out. Are you tempted to keep a log and see how your wardrobe is working for you?