Slow living: enjoying winter

I know that for some people winter is the worst of all the seasons: it’s dark a lot of the time, it’s cold and often wet and once you’ve got past the high of Christmas it can feel like it drags on and on. January can feel like such a bleak month and even more so if you’re surrounded by people who seem so full of resolutions and new year aims and you can’t match that energy.

I LOVE this season though - it’s my favourite of all of them.  I was born in February so maybe that’s why part of me loves winter. Birthdays aside though, I thought I’d share my reasons for loving Winter and how you can find things to embrace and celebrate. Hopefully this can help to make this season that bit more enjoyable for you. 

Why do I love winter?

The sun seems to always hide during winter, the nights are long and you need to layer up: for someone who has pale skin, doesn’t function well in summer heat and loves a knitted jumper it’s bliss! Those are my whys: I just function better in this season. My brain moves at its quickest, my creativity runs fast and so long as I dress appropriately and it’s not pouring with rain I can be happily outside all day long without having to worry about sun burn or dehydrating and getting heat stroke (it’s happened - seriously, I can burn on a pathetic summer’s day in England let alone one abroad). I’ve realised that the key to the seasons is not only embracing them but also embracing yourself in them. If you don’t sit well in a season - that’s ok! Live them your way, leaning in to what works best for you.

Tips for winter

 So here are my tips for ways of getting the most out of the season:

1. Clothes - as the classic saying goes, there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. Layer up. Go for natural materials. If you don’t like thick layers then choose maximum heat ones like merino wool that are thin but still so cosy. I live in boots during winter (my Uggs or my Chelsea boots) so my feet stay warm and dry. It’s also a great season for donning a pair of chunky woolly socks for an evening on the sofa with your favourite book or movie.


2. Stay in: you don’t have to make yourself go out into the cold if you don’t want to and don’t have jobs to do. Make the most of being able to stay indoors and cosy up. Fill your house with cushions and blankets so that you can snuggle down at every available opportunity: you’re allowed to hibernate through the season! It’ll also keep you feeling toasty and snug. 

3. Light: pull the curtains and blinds back when the sun shines and as the darkness sets in get the candles and fairy lights out. Light the fire if you have one. Candles and fairy lights look their prettiest at this time of the year and will keep you feeling cosy and happy. Go for them enmasse on a tray - they’ll give out a lot more light than you might expect and they look beautiful all grouped together. 


4. Bring nature in: holly and pine shines at this time of the year and it doesn’t have to be just for Christmas. Having nature indoors can really lift your mood, especially if you don’t want to go outside to see it. 
5. Take advantage of the brighter winter days and get out for a walk: the air feels so fresh and clean in winter and the light can be beautiful on those days when the clouds clear. With a good coat and wellie boots the countryside is open to you. 


6. Lean in to how you’re feeling. If like me your creativity comes into gear then make the time to take full advantage of it. If not, then let yourself have some space this season knowing that come the warmer times your activity will increase. We all have our lull periods and it’s ok to rest in those and recharge. One of the key things I’ve learnt over the last few years is to simply be kind to yourself.

I hope this helps you enjoy this season. In its own way, it’s as beautiful as all the others. Happy winter!