Capsule Wardrobe: Winter

Get out those thick jumpers, Winter is coming!

So the weather is (probably) about to get a whole lot chillier so it’s time to have a look through the autumn wardrobe and see if there’s anything that needs switching out and anything that needs adding in for Winter. 

My tips

Here are a few tips for preparing your wardrobe for the next season:

  • unpack any Winter clothes that you’d stored away last year 

  • check back in on your style and make sure that what’s in your wardrobe still fits with this

  • take a look at your Winter plans and make sure that you have the right balance of outfits for it 

  • pack away any pieces that you were keeping out for those warmer Autumn days and that won’t work well going forwards, even with layers  

  • get the scarves, hats and gloves out and give them a freshen up if necessary 

My wardrobe

My style is really working for me at the moment: mostly monochrome with splashes of mustard yellow and aubergine. My work and leisure routine is going to stay pretty much the same through the next few months I think although I may have more indoors than outdoors weekends if it gets really wet and cold. I shouldn’t really need to make too many changes to my wardrobe - the balance of outfits between smart, casual and loungewear feels about right and most of my items should carry through the next few months with some layering. 


I am going to make a few small tweaks though, especially after looking at the results of my November capsule wardrobe log:

  • I’m going to take out my thin white blouse and put it away until spring. I can wear it with a jumper but it just doesn’t appeal in the cold weather and I can have it as something to look forward to next year.

  • I’m going to pack away the denim jacket and my green coat. They’re too light for the cold months and they’re taking up too much hanging space in our hall cupboard. 

  • I’ve made a switch on my jeans. I finally fit back into my darker blue jeans and now that I’ve seen them they just fit better in terms of colour with these darker months. My light blue pair suddenly feel very spring/summer so they’re going away until the warmer seasons. 

  • I’m unpacking my heavier black crop jumper which works well for both work and at home and with both trousers and jeans. I’ve had this for years now and it’s really cosy. 

  • I’ve got a grey shirt that I didn’t wear once during November because it just feels too smart for outside of the office. I’m going to swap it for my black stripe top which I love wearing and wore all the time in November. The black stripe top can be for the weekends and I’ll see if I wear the grey shirt on my working days.

  • I’m going to unpack my knee high leather boots. I haven’t worn these for ages so it’s about time they were put to some use. 

I’ve also got my eye on this cardigan from Thought. It’s always really annoyed me that you can’t see a t-shirt or top the minute you put a jumper over it so I’ve wanted a new cardigan for ages. This red one should go with pretty much everything I own, it’s smart enough to wear at work and not look out of place at the weekend and it’s made from organic cotton and wool by an ethical company. It’s going on the Christmas wish list! 

Other than this, my wardrobe is going to stay the same which is great: a little bit of unpacking, one purchase and some sorting and my wardrobe is all set until spring. 

What plans have you got for your capsule wardrobe?