Appreciating Summer

I decided to walk to my son’s baby sensory class today to get in some exercise - it’s an hour plus walk with some hills involved so not round the corner but not too bad. The way there has nearly all of the uphills so it was a bit of work but not too hot. Thankfully the way back is all downhill because the sun was out and it was HOT! I actually found myself thinking about autumn and it’s cooler temps which is crazy - it’s only June, not quite the Solstice and already my mind has raced on to the next season! So in an attempt to focus back on summer and appreciate these warm days whilst we have them I drew a little inspiration from Jessica Rose Williams and decided to make myself a list of all the things I love about summer:

  • Summer fruit

  • Bbq

  • Ice cream

  • Picnics (I’m getting a sense that I associate summer with food!)

  • Sitting out on warm evenings chatting and watching the stars come out

  • Not having to wear a coat

  • Sandals

  • Walking bare foot in the garden

  • Flowers popping up everywhere

  • Butterflies

  • Water fights (I don’t think I’ve had a water fight since I was a kid - might have to rectify that!)

  • Relaxing in the park with friends

  • Gentle country walks (not that you can’t have these in the winter but they’re, you know, less cold and involve less layers of clothes)

  • Thunderstorms and that fresh air smell you get just after a heavy downpour

  • Longer days of sunlight

  • Trips to the beach - I’m undecided on this one you know. I feel like it should be there because who doesn’t like the beach in summer. Yet I actually think I prefer it in winter - I can wear shoes on it (I’m only just starting to like the feel of sand in my toes but I really don’t like it when it hangs around after you’ve left the beach), the sea is mesmerising when it’s crashing into the shore, it’s not as crowded and as someone who burns easily I’m in a lot less danger of turning into a lobster. My husband loves the beach though and we’ve spent quite a few summers on one so it’s growing on me. For now though, it’s going to stay nearer the bottom of my summer likes list.

There it is; a little appreciation of summer just before the Summer Solstice. Hopefully this can help me to keep embracing this season rather than wishing for the next one. What do you love about summer?