Bathroom renovation

When we were looking for a house a few years ago we wanted a project; a house that hadn't been touched on the decorating front for a long time which we could really put our own stamp on and create a family home. What we found was perfect; a house that had been built in the very late 60s and that completely needed redoing.

We lived in it for a year without touching any of it and then started a full scale renovation project. The major renovation - moving walls, shifting staircases, doing an extension - all took place within about 7 months but it's taken us a little longer to start really putting the finishing touches into the new spaces that we've created. I thought I'd share the renovation project with you as we complete the rooms. First up, the bathroom...



The original bathroom was a good size and could function as a family bathroom but as we were putting an extension on the house we had the luxury of making this into our ensuite. We moved the door into the centre of the room so that we had two good sized spaces (and walls) each side to play with. Whilst we could have put a bath in here it would have been a squeeze to have a bath and a separate shower cubicle. We're pretty rushed in the mornings so we use the shower all the time; the bath is used for relaxing soaks on quiet evenings (and now our baby gets the most use out of it!). We decided that we would have a bath in the main family bathroom and use the space in the ensuite to have a really decent sized shower - no bumping of elbows or that steam room like feeling you can get in an enclosed cubicle (or is that just me?). 


The original bathroom was very typical of its time with a blue suite and beige vinyl flooring which really wasn't our style. I like bathrooms to be as simple as possible with light, cool colours so that it feels bright and clean. To achieve this we wanted a minimal Scandi look with a cool colour palette of greys and whites. 


We chose a white suite with silver for the fixtures and fittings and a fixed glass shower screen. This keeps the space looking clean and it allows the light to bounce around the room. We put tiles in a light grey on the floor which keep the room looking bright and then carried this in a stripe up through the shower cubicle with a contrasting darker grey tile either side. The tiles in the shower cubicle are pretty big which really makes this part feel spacious. To balance with this block of colour we have a large mirror above the sink which stretches up towards the ceiling. 60s houses aren't known for their ceiling height but the mirror makes the room feel that bit taller. We replaced all of the windows in the house with up to date triple glazing and clean white frames inside (dark grey outside). The patterned glass in the bathroom window gives us all the privacy we need so we haven't had to put any blind or curtain up and can let all of the light come into the room unimpeded.  I wanted to keep the walls as clear as possible and not put shelves up so I wanted a sink with nice big sides that could hold a soap dispenser. 


Whilst the bathroom feels clean and bright it could also have felt a little cold so I accessorised with a few bits to give it some warmth. I saw our soap dispenser in a shop before we had even started the renovation but I knew it had to be in our ensuite; it's from Broste Copenhagen and I just love the shape and colour of it. I actually think it's one of my favourite accessorises in our house! I also wanted some greenery in the bathroom as I've fallen in love with house plants recently. The windowsill in this room is absolutely tiny but these three small monochrome concrete pots from The Little Deer fit perfectly and the succulents give the room a little warmth and colour. On the purely practical side we needed somewhere to store the laundry and our white rattan basket fits perfectly in the space; the natural material of this also softens the look a little. 


So this is our Scandi inspired ensuite. I'm really happy with the choices we made for this space and it's a refreshing space to get ready in each morning.