Capsule Wardrobe Challenge - Summer

So I've been living with a sort of capsule wardrobe for the last 8 months - not by design but because I'm still losing the pregnancy weight and my old clothes don't fit yet! It has made me realise how many clothes you don't need though and to that end I've been working through Jessica Rose Williams' amazing capsule wardrobe guide ( to design my wardrobe with intention and my authentic style.


I've also been hitting a bit of a creative block on my photos for Instagram recently so I thought I would set a challenge for myself inspired by others that I've seen on social media. For two weeks I'm going to put together a different outfit from a select number of clothes, photography myself in it and post it to my Stories on Instagram. At the end of the two weeks I'll post all 14 photos up here on the blog. This is a pretty big challenge for me - not only in planning the outfits the outfits but also because I don't like photos of myself and my face is yet to appear on here or my Instagram account. DEEP BREATH!

As I'm on maternity leave all of my outfits are going to be super casual. I'm also not including any exercise clothes (not that I wear those that often at the moment!), just the main outfit of the day.



Here are the 11 items of clothing I'll be working with:

1. Black jeans

2. Blue jeans

3. Black trousers

4. Denim shorts

5. Blue dress

6. Blue stripe t-shirt

7. Black t-shirt

8. Candy stripe t-shirt

9. White t-shirt

10. Grey jumper

11. Blue cardigan


For shoes I've limited myself to:

1. Sandals

2. Black trainers

3. White tennis style trainers

I'm including the white trainers because I have barely worn them since I bought them a few years ago and this is their last opportunity - I either wear them this summer or they're off to the charity shop!


I'm keeping things simple on this front because it makes getting ready in the morning so much easier (plus having a baby who is fascinated by things that dangles and likes pulling on them really makes you change your approach to what you wear!). I'll be wearing studs, my watch, my two silver bracelets and a few rings.

So keep an eye on my Instagram Stories if you want to follow along or come back in 2 weeks for all the outfits.