Capsule wardrobe: loungewear

I've been working on my capsule wardrobe for a while now and my recent focus has been on loungewear.


I didn't wear loungewear at all until I was in my late twenties; I would stay in my work clothes until bedtime and at the weekends I was always in jeans. I just didn't see the point of it. My first foray into loungewear was with jogging bottoms and any t-shirt I had after a friend persuaded me that they were great for relaxing in after work. Then I met my husband who was much better at chilling out at home than me and would always do so in joggers and t-shirts. He made his outfits look good. I didn't. The joggers I had weren't flattering and I always felt rubbish in them.

In a bid to create a capsule loungewear collection I created a Pinterest board and started pinning away for inspiration (you can find my board here). I wanted clothes that I could relax in on quieter days at the weekend, that were not clothes I would ever wear to the office but that we're also flattering, simple and with a subtle elegance. I don't need that many outfit combinations as I only have a minimal number of lounge days which means I want to make those clothes work to the maximum and be exactly what I want. I've kept the palette simple: grey, white and black.

Here's what I've got at the moment:

- loose, light weight grey and black trousers: usually I'd go for fitted trousers because I'm on the short side at 5ft 3 but I like something looser for lounging in without looking too baggy. These have that comfort factor but as they drape more you still retain some shape. The grey trousers have been in my wardrobe for a good few years but the black trousers were new this year from NEXT (I've ended up having to buy more clothes than usual as I slowly shrink down from my pregnancy weight).

- grey and black t-shirt: I've found that with my figure if you're wearing looser style bottoms then a fitted top is more flattering. These two t-shirts are nicely fitted but the material is soft enough that it's still comfortable and relaxed. I've owned the grey t-shirt for years but the black t-shirt was new this year. I want to up the quality of my basic t-shirts as the old ones wear out and need replacing - I'm on the hunt for these so if you have any recommendations please let me know!


- white hooded cardigan: I love this cardigan from Fatface (not sponsored), it's really thin and soft so it's a great layer for warmer weather when you need just a little more on than a t-shirt. It also goes with both trousers and t-shirts so it's completely versatile within my capsule. This is a new purchase this summer from Fatface and you can find it here.

- grey graphic jumper: I've owned this jumper for 6 years and it's still in such good condition. I used to have it as part of my main wardrobe but the graphics on it are jarring with the simpler look that I want for those outfits so I've moved it over to my loungewear capsule. In fact it's so old that when I just looked on the Superdry website they only stock one jumper and the rest are hoodies. This one from Urban Outfitters looks quite good though and pretty versatile.

- slippers: I've never really liked slippers, they always feel so big on my feet and in the way. I was happy with wearing thick socks in the winter and going bare feet when the weather warmed up. Then my son was born and I started wishing I had more on my feet when I got up for those nighttime feeds and the 5am wake ups (I have to be seriously cold to wear socks in bed and even then I usually take them off at some point in the night). The only slippers I'd ever found that I could really see myself wearing were a pair of Mahabis - they just looked so perfectly shaped and beautifully simple in design and colour. After years of admiring these slippers I pounced on them when there was a 20% discount. I absolutely love them! They're just as beautiful as they look on the internet and they fit so well. I bought my pair in grey so that they should be able to go with all of my outfits.

All of the above gives me 6 different outfits which is pretty good. Whilst it was great for the start of summer, now that the heat wave has arrived I have barely touched it! Maybe next year I'll add a loungewear piece to deal with incredibly hot weather but for now I've just been living in my normal week capsule wardrobe clothes. 

Now I'm thinking about how to take this capsule into autumn. The jumpers should work and I don't have any plans to change or add to these until winter hits. The trousers on the other hand might be a bit lightweight for cooler days so I'm going to be on the hunt for something in a similar style but made of warmer material. I'd also like a more fitted white t-shirt that can go with all trousers which should give me plenty of outfit combinations for my lifestyle.

(P.S. nothing in this post is sponsored or in collaboration with any companies or brands).


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