Creating our space

I've spent the last year decluttering recently and focusing on making sure that everything we have in the house is either useful or beautiful. Decluttering can be hard work but I've also found something equally as hard; making sure that you're using all those things you've decided to keep.

As my husband will testify with a roll of his eyes, I love candles. So much so that he had to ban me from purchasing any more until I'd used up the large stash that I'd managed to collect. See that's the problem sometimes - life can get so busy that we forget to use those things we love and so instead of having a chance to spark joy for us they sit forgotten in the cupboard.

Sometimes just changing where we keep things can bring them back to life and usage. Years ago I went to the Tate gallery to wander around their large collection of Turner paintings. I absolutely love Turner's work and afterwards I bought 6 postcards of his paintings. When I got home I couldn't find any wall or room where the postcards fitted. I moved in with my now husband and still they languished in their paper bag (I really am a natural hoarder!). Then we moved house and I tried to find a wall for them but with no luck. They just don't quite fit with the hard lined Scandi look we have going on but I love them far too much to get rid of them. After I started reading Marie Kondo's book I was inspired; I would put them on the walls of my wardrobe where I have my mirror and make-up so that every time I get ready in the morning I can see them. They're not visible when the door is shut so they don't impact on the overall look of the room. I'm so happy that I found a home for them and they lift my spirit every time I go to that cupboard.

This has got me thinking about those other items in the house that I love but don't get much or any use out of. My aim is to find places for them or to make more use out of them. As a start, I’ve been lighting at least one candle in the study on those days when I’m working from home - it’s such a nice way to start the day and makes the study feel cosy and snug.

If you have things that you know you love and don't want to part with but that are languishing in the cupboard, have a think about moving them to a different place or incorporating them into your day. After all, it seems a waste to have things we love just gathering dust when they could be making us smile.

Candle lit on a work day with my son’s first ever painting proudly on display!

Candle lit on a work day with my son’s first ever painting proudly on display!