My minimalist journey

No this isn't a post about a minimalist holiday (there are holiday plans in the making but that's a whole different post!). This is about my journey to a minimalist lifestyle.


Before I went on maternity leave in August 2017, I was working in a manic and demanding job in the City. The hours were long, the work often rolling into the early hours of the morning and then across the weekend as well.

The more time I spend on maternity leave and away from my job the clearer my thinking becomes. It's like I'm emerging from a fog that I've been living in for the last 8 years (yes even with the sleep deprivation that a baby brings!). My husband and my family have always been my beacons in that fog keeping me moving forwards through it. The difference is now I have time to actually spend with them. I don't spend it working or thinking about all the work I still have to do (ok I still talk about the office a little when I get a news update). I also don't spend all my time feeling guilty - guilty that I'm at work and missing dinner with my husband for the fifth night in a row or guilty that I'm at home with my family instead of racking up more hours in the office with my colleagues (when there's a culture of working as much as possible you do actually feel guilty for having an evening off). I can think clearly and I can think creatively - mostly because I get a lot more sleep (yes again, even with a baby) and my stress levels are absolutely minimal.


I think I've spent so long doing these long hours and then chasing life in the small moments in-between that I haven't really had a chance to decide what is really important to do with my time and what my own personal style is. I bounce from trend to trend, trying to mimic other people's styles who seem to have everything sorted and fill every free moment I possibly can to maximise that free time - it's been exhausting! So no more. This is my year of seeking simplicity. This is my minimalist journey to finding my true style and a simpler life that is more authentic to me. No more running around like a headless chicken on a sugar high chasing life and never feeling like I'm achieving what I want.


Change is hard - it's nebulous, easy to lose sight of from day to day and hard to achieve without a lot of attention and energy. So I thought I would document it here. If I record it on a regular basis then I may stand more chance of bringing about the change I want - you the reader can hold me to account, offer up any suggestions/advice/comments and maybe take something away for yourself from it.

— Swedish proverb
— Agile Lean Life

As I've started researching this area I've found these above two quotes which have really resonated. I think I'll be coming back to these a lot as I go through this journey. Until then, off I go on a 7 day minimalist challenge...