I've read a lot about self-care recently and I'm starting to get on the bandwagon. At first it sounded incredibly selfish and self-centred. The more I read though the more it made sense and I realised it isn't all about you. Self-care is all about prioritising yourself enough of the time that you stay healthy and happy which in turn is better for those around you. I think there's sometimes a danger that we don't feel like we deserve to be at the top of the to-do list - we need to give ourselves permission to take that little bit of me time and not feel guilty about it. It's no good working yourself into the ground and getting ill - you won't be able to do anything for or with anyone else at that point, it's not much fun and it's not good for you either! But it's not just about staying fighting fit, it's about making sure that there's enough time in the day to be you, to do something that you want to do purely because you want to do it, not just because it's something that needs to get done or that should be done or is something that others want to do.


So this year as part of my seeking simplicity I'm aiming to look after myself a bit more. This hasn't started that brilliantly as I keep postponing food and having a drink around the little one so I end up completely dehydrated by the end of each day. That's high on my to do list to fix ASAP! I've also felt like any time I have for me has been shrunk down to a couple of minutes snatched here and there so I want to work on building that out just a little bit so I can breathe more. Whilst I love my son with all my heart, I'm going to still need some time during the week that's for me!


Here are some other far more fun ideas for bringing in a bit of self-care and relaxation into a busy life:

- take a bath and light some candles

- read a chapter or two of a book before you go to sleep each night

- make that cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate (insert other drink here) that you want and take 5 minutes to sit down and drink it quietly (no standing up in the kitchen gulping it down because there's a thousand other things to be getting on with)

- give yourself a facial - I tried this one the other day and it really did only take ten minutes but I felt so much better afterwards

- try to get a small amount of exercise in a good few times a week; you could get a yoga or Pilates class from You Tube or just get outside for a walk. It doesn't have to be lots - even tiny amounts has to be better than nothing.

Has anyone else been making plans like this for the year ahead?