Summer Capsule Wardrobe Challenge - the outcome!

So two weeks ago I set myself a capsule wardrobe challenge - create a different outfit each day for 14 days from a collection of 14 items of clothing (you can read further details about the challenge here: ). My wardrobe has been in constant flux for over a year now thanks to an ever changing body shape and whilst I haven't had a huge amount of clothes in the cupboard recently I also haven't really managed to create a properly functioning capsule wardrobe. I wanted to see if I could create two weeks worth of outfits from the clothes that I had in my wardrobe.


Turns out - I could! I've realised that you really don't need that many clothes to create plenty of different outfits. Having less clothes really does make the mornings more calm - everything goes together and you just don't have as many items in the wardrobe to choose from. It also means that you really are going to keep only the items you like - you're going to wear it often enough that it's got to be right for your figure and something you love. I've ended up donating my white trainer style shoes and my pink striped t-shirt to charity as a result of the challenge. I barely wore the trainers - they weren't comfortable enough for long walking days, they were too white for rainy days and I still think they make my feet look huge. Whilst I like the pink and the stripes the fit of the t-shirt just doesn't work - it's not fitted but it's also not baggy enough; it just looks misshapen. I've also really missed wearing my grey t-shirt so I'm adding that back into my wardrobe and a long linen striped t-shirt just for summer.


The biggest challenge I had was the unpredictability of the weather! When I put the list of clothes together I was worried that I hadn't included enough hot weather items because we'd just had a bout of sun. Then the rain came and the temperature dropped and I was worried that I was going to have to wear shorts and freeze for two days. Then the sun came back with a vengeance and I was wondering how I was going to wear trousers if the heat continued. Outside of this challenge that's not going to be a problem though - it might be a capsule wardrobe but so long as you do the washing you can always repeat outfits to fit the weather conditions. I have decided that I want two pairs of shorts and two dresses in my wardrobe for this summer.


This challenge has really inspired me to keep shrinking my wardrobe down so that I have a capsule for each season. Autumn will be my next challenge as I'll be balancing work outfits and casual outfits - I'm really looking forward to it.