Creating a slow home this Autumn

A house is four walls and a roof and no matter how beautiful it is, it’s not going to feel like your home unless it supports your lifestyle.

It was a comfortable old room, though the carpet was faded and the furniture very plain; for a good picture or two hung on the walls, books filled the recesses, chrysanthemums and Christmas roses bloomed in the windows, and a pleasant atmosphere of home peace pervaded it.
— Little Women - Louisa May Alcott

If you want some inspiration for creating a home where you can pursue a slower life this season then I’ve created three different spaces below:

Making that cosy spot

It’s so nice to have a particular cosy spot in the house where you can sit and read, listen to music, daydream or just think. To create it find your comfiest chair, preferably in a corner with a good view over a room or out of the window, add a cushion or two, pull a blanket over your legs, light a candle for some soft lighting and have a mug of something hot in your hands.

JPEG image-CAD336FF891D-1.jpeg
JPEG image-CAD336FF891D-2.jpeg
JPEG image-CAD336FF891D-3.jpeg

Blanket: Amalie throw from IKEA

Mug: Try this for something similar to the mug in the photo or I also like these, both sold at John Lewis

Cushion: this grey cushion would look good

In the kitchen

The warmth of the oven, the smell of home cooked food, sitting down to hot comforting food (or cake - there’s always a season for cake); it’s quintessential slow living in Autumn and Winter (even if you’re like me and prefer it when someone else does the cooking and you contribute by clearing up and loading the dishwasher). Try investing in some decent kitchenware that will last the years and plenty of cooking. You can get your creative juices flowing by laying the table - even if it’s just for a slow Sunday lunch. Add a table cloth or table runner to the table, bring some greenery in from outside (from the garden, a forage in your local woods or from a florist), use those nice glasses that you save for special occasions and add some candles (honestly, candles work all the time in these darker months). Don’t hold back: if it feels luxurious, indulgent or too much for “just a Sunday lunch” then remember that you are entitled to enjoy these moments to the full. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion or to have guests over: you and this moment in time are enough.

JPEG image-03BFEFDA4F38-8.jpeg
JPEG image-03BFEFDA4F38-1.jpeg
JPEG image-03BFEFDA4F38-3.jpeg
JPEG image-03BFEFDA4F38-2.jpeg
JPEG image-03BFEFDA4F38-4.jpeg
JPEG image-03BFEFDA4F38-5.jpeg
JPEG image-03BFEFDA4F38-9.jpeg
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JPEG image-03BFEFDA4F38-7.jpeg

Runner: try this one from John Lewis

Glasses: Orrefors have the More tumbler which you can find via Scandinavian Design Centre here

Candlesticks: Ferm Living have these beautiful black cast iron candleholders

Crockery: Habitat have this gorgeous graphite dinner set

Curl up in bed

If you need an excuse for an early night curled up under the covers or a lie in on a weekend morning then this is the perfect time for it. Clear any clutter from your bedside table and then have a few key pieces for making those evenings simple and relaxing; a lamp for reading by and a tray to hold your jewellery. For those beautiful slow mornings, fill a mug with coffee, take a pastry and a napkin and carry it all to bed on a tray. Have a good few pillows for comfort, a blanket for that extra cosiness and then settle back for a hour with your favourite magazine.

30DC6580-9BF4-49A1-A45C-5D7EE0220CF7 3.JPG

Tray: I love the Kaleido tray from HAY for holding my jewellery and the Platform tray in grey from MUUTO looks like it would be perfect for holding that morning coffee and pastry.

Bedlinen: I would love a linen set for the bed and have my eye on this bedding set in Dove Grey from Piglet

Lamp: The Ribbon lamp from Habitat as shown in photo

Napkins: I really want to invest in some linen napkins that can be washed rather than paper ones which create waste. I’ve got my eyes on these grey ones from John Lewis.

All images are my own. Products referred to here are either ones that I own or would be willing to purchase. This post is not sponsored in any way and all opinions expressed are entirely my own.