MENU A/W 2018

MENU has released a number of new products for the Autumn/Winter season this year. I've taken a selection below which I can just picture being used together to create a cosy seating corner for curling up in with a good book as the nights draw in. 

Knitting Chair

MENU_Kniting-Chair_Androgyne-Table_Wine-Breather-BW_Low Res 72dpi JPG (RGB)_444424.jpg

The Knitting Chair was first launched as a limited edition in 1951 and was designed by Ib Kofod-Larsen. MENU have brought it back under their concept of "Modernism Reimagined" and it's the brand's first foray into classic furniture. I think they've chosen an absolutely beautiful design here - it looks not only thoughtfully designed with its elbow cut-outs that allow maximum comfort whilst knitting (reading or flicking through a magazine) but it also looks exquisitely crafted. Everything about this chair speaks of quality, lasting design and is a piece of furniture that you could grow old with.

MENU_Kniting-Chair_Androgyne-Table_Hubert-Pendant-45_Low Res 72dpi JPG (RGB)_444426.jpg

POV Oval

Who doesn't love a candle especially in Winter? The original POV Candleholder was circular but it has been updated to have a new oval shape which replicates the shape of an eye. Isn't it beautiful? This one is going on my wishlist - it would look lovely hanging on the wall creating a soft glow from the candlelight. 



I love how bold this design is, it makes such a feature of the elegant marble that you could either have it just as a piece of sculpture by itself or use it as a coffee or side table. It comes in three different sizes; the low rectangular size which works well as a coffee table, the cube as a side table or the third Plinth can be used to display objects. I can see the cube version sitting nicely alongside the Knitting Chair.  

Plinth_Location_01_Low Res 72dpi JPG (RGB)_444422.jpg
jpg 2_Low Res 72dpi JPG (RGB)_444423.jpg

TR Bulb Pendant

At no time of the year is your lighting scheme more noticeable than in Winter when it suddenly becomes imperative to enable you to keep doing things as the sun sets early. The TR Bulb is the first collaboration between MENU and Tim Rundle and is designed to be taken from space to space - very handy if you're renting. This is such a simple and elegant design whilst providing that all important practical light.

1473539_TR-Bulb_Pendant_Black_Low Res 72dpi JPG (RGB)_444428.jpg

Échasse Bowl

This gorgeous bowl by Theresa Rand reinterprets the French word "échasse" meaning "stilts" with its slender supporting legs suspending the glass bowl between them. I really like how light and delicate the design is but it's still sturdy enough to act as a serving bowl. Wouldn't it make a beautiful contrast sat on top of a Plinth coffee table; one light and delicate and the other solid and bold. 

2017.08.22_Menuspace105568_Low Res 72dpi JPG (RGB)_444429.jpg

The images in this post are all courtesy of MENU. This post has not been sponsored and all opinions expressed herein are my entirely my own.