Capsule Wardrobe: a look back on Winter

Yes I know, it’s still technically Winter but I tend to divide the seasons up into three neat months each: December, January and February are Winter to me so once March arrives I’m all ready to surround myself with daffodils, tulips and Spring clothes. This year the unusually hot temperatures have made it feel like we’ve fast forwarded into the middle of Spring too.

Throughout Winter I’ve been keeping a log of each item of clothing I wear. I wanted to see how my Winter capsule was performing for me and if I had some clothes that were more worn than others. I thought it might also give me a good steer for how to go about compiling my Spring capsule. It was super simple to do - I just drew up a two column table in my bullet journal at the start of December - one column for the item of clothing and the other for a tally of how often I wore it. Each time I got something new out of the wardrobe I wrote it down in the item column and then added a mark in the tally column.

Not including loungewear, I had 25 items making up my Winter capsule (excluding shoes and coats: I’ve basically worn three pairs of shoes all Winter and I’ve got one Winter coat) and everything got worn more than once. There are 90 days in those three months. Of those, approximately 24 were “in the office” days where I have to dress smart casual (aka no jeans or T-shirts) (I’m going on approximates as I had some holiday and unexpected compassionate leave but I’m not going to split hairs). Another 24 days were working from home days where I try to wear my more work orientated clothes but definitely slipped back into jeans occasionally. That leaves approximately 42 casual days for anything I like.

So what was the result? Well the outright winners were my jeans: I’ve got a dark blue pair and a black pair and they are my absolute go to items when I don’t have to dress smarter for the office. I wore my black jeans 25 times - more than anything else in my wardrobe! My new aubergine cardigan also performed really well - even though it was a Christmas present and so could only be worn for 2/3 of the season, it still clocked up 11 days of use. As for the rest of the items, it’s a fairly good balance which surprised me at first - it felt like I had worn some items substantially more than others - but then I realised that it meant my capsule was working really well. I reckon I could slim the more casual part of my capsule down if I wanted to but as I like everything I own and I’m wearing it all my plan is to wait until pieces reach the end of their lives and then consider if I need to replace them.

So as you can probably tell keeping the log has totally appealed to my inner geek. I genuinely think it’s good though - it really shows how your capsule is working across a season (or any time period you choose to keep it for). I’m going to keep it going for the rest of the year but I’m going to go back to doing it monthly to see how it changes as the weeks get warmer.

Are you tempted to keep a wear log?