Capsule wardrobe: Spring capsule

This week sees the official arrival of Spring! I’ve been putting together my Spring capsule wardrobe over the last few weeks and it’s looking in good shape. I’ve tidied away the heavy winter jumpers and chunky scarves and even my winter coat is getting used less and less as the weather is starting to warm up.

As with my other capsules I started by checking back to my style definition. I was still happy with my key style words and my lifestyle had the same kind of format:

Key style words: minimal, sophisticated, comfortable, simple, neat, relaxed 

Lifestyle: four working days (two in the office, two from home) and three days leisure (mostly town/city based, indoors or in the garden)


I wanted to slightly shift my colours though: as everything starts to get brighter I start looking for lighter shades and a little more colour in my wardrobe. I have three basic colours: black, white and denim, two mid colours: grey and navy and then my accent colours. I want to keep with stripes as one of my accent colours (not exactly a colour I know but I see it as an equivalent) and then swap out the aubergine and mustard yellow from winter for a pastel pink. I wouldn’t normally go for a pastel colour but I’ve been drawn to it more and more and I think it will carry nicely through into summer too. I’ve also swapped the denim from a dark blue to a washed light blue denim which will lighten so many outfits.

So on to the clothes. Previously I’d been keeping my work items separate from my leisure items but I was finding that things weren’t getting worn enough and some items I liked wearing too much to restrict them to certain days. I want to relax the boundaries a little and see how it goes. Here is what I have, all of which are already in my wardrobe:


  • trousers - black, navy, dusky pink and floral print

  • jeans - black and washed blue


  • navy shirt dress

  • navy capped sleeve dress

  • black dress

  • blue stripe dress

  • black shirt dress


  • white tee

  • blue top

  • white and blue stripe tee

  • black stripe long sleeve tee

  • blue stripe long sleeve tee


  • blue shirt

  • white shirt


  • olive parka

  • grey blazer

  • Aubergine blazer


  • black Chelsea boots

  • black with metallic details ballet flats

  • Black loafers


A lot of the above is carried over from my winter capsule and some pieces will get used less as the weather warms up, like my Chelsea boots. Some pieces are definitely only for work, others definitely only for home and some are cross-over pieces that can work on any day of the week. I have noticed that there are a couple of gaps; I want to introduce the pastel pink, I don’t own a single skirt for Spring and I could do with another pair of flat shoes that are a block colour.

These are the four new items I’m adding to fill in the gaps which I’m really excited about:

Spring shoes and tops.png
  1. White denim skirt from And Other Stories.

  2. Rose tee from Everlane

  3. White top from And Other Stories (link is to an alternative top as this one is not available)

  4. Rose Glove shoes from Everlane

I’ve given the Glove shoes a test run around the house (it’s been pouring with rain so I want a mostly dry day before these go outside!) and they feel so comfortable. The rose tee goes with all the bottoms in my wardrobe and the white skirt goes with all the tops so I’ll be able to make plenty of new outfit combinations with these two items. Where I’ve moved some warmer winter items out of the wardrobe I felt like I had a bit of a gap in the tops that I could wear in the office. This new white top should work perfectly and it goes with both of my work trousers.

So there’s my Spring capsule wardrobe and I’m really looking forward to wearing it. I’m planning to share some posts where I show you how I style items from this into different outfits.

Have you prepared your Spring capsule? If so, I’d love to hear about it.